Austrálie – xxx 1:6 (kon.) | Canada2 – Slovenia2 4:6 (kon.) | Hungary – Argentina 4:2 (kon.)
Sweden2 – Finland2 4:10 (kon.) | Rep. of S. Africa – Astria 1:10 (kon.) | Germany2 – Czech Republic2 1:9 (kon.)
New Zealand – Croatia 1:7 (kon.) | Slovakia2 – USAA 3:12 (kon.)
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Neděle 19.06.2011, 13:00 • Malá hala • Inline Hockey World Championship
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    Best players of the game are Jordan Gavin (AUS) and Nathan Finney (GBR).
    End of the game.
    Pearman (GBR) gets a minor penalty for slashing.
    Goal for Team Great Britain!
    Great Britains restores its five goal advantage thanks to MATT VINEY´s shot right under the crossbar. Assisted by: Jack Clarkson and Kurt Waller.
    Finney's quick breakaway is well saved by Muir´s glove.
    Goal for Team Australia!
    Here it comes. Australians get on the scoresheet thanks to SEAN JONES, who scores with a close range shot via a deflection of a right post. Australians got to a 3-on-1 breakaway and finished perfectly. Assisted by Jamie Bourke.
    Australians are trying hard to find their first goal of the tournament, but so far they are being denied by a good performance of Birch.
    Goal for Team Great Britain!
    Shortly afterwards, JACK CLARKSON can celebrate. Waller´s shot is parried by Muir and Carlson is in the right place to score with a rebound. Assisted by Kurt Waller and Matt Viney.
    Jack Clarkson is clean through on goal, but he completely misses the goal with his wristshot.
    In the continuing Australian powerplay, Bourke´s shot from the left crease is saved by Birch.
    Start of fourth quarter.
    End of third quarter.
    Pearman (GBR) is penalized for holding an opponent.
    Despite some Australian pressure, Birch still keeps a clean sheet.
    Great Britain is penalized for too many men. The penalty is served by Dan Hutchinson (GBR).
    Casaceli in a rare Australian chance is denied by a swift glove of goalie Birch.
    Philip Hamer was close to adding a fifth goal, but his shot hit the post.
    Goal for Team Great Britain!
    NATHAN FINNEY scores his first goal of the game and Britain's fourth with a nice wristshot from tight angle. Assisted by John Dolan.
    Great Britain is by far the better team at the moment. Muir in the Australian goal has to be alert all the time.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Branky a nahrávky: 43. Jones (Bourke) - 4. Waller, 17. Dolan (Waller), 21. Walsh (Finney, Waller), 29. Finney (Dolan), 39. Carlson J. (Waller, Viney), 46. Viney (Clarkson J., Waller)

    Austrálie: Muir (Robledodelabarra) - York, Fritchley, Casaceli, Gavin - Collins, Jones, Dunstan, Bourke - McDowell, Cleland, Rozdarz, Nash - O´Sullivan, Brophy
    xxx: Birch (Tanner) - Clarkson D., Waller, Viney, Clarkson J. - Walsh, Finney, Dolan, Hamer - Hendy, Niamatali, Pearman, Hutchinson

    Rozhodčí: Wurtherle (CZE), Virta (FIN)